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Give your audience a clear and concise overview of your presentation with well designed agenda slides that match your presentation theme and are easy to create, update, and customize with just a few clicks.

Avopress Agenda

Avopress AgendaTM

Easiest Agenda Ever

Create agenda slides directly from presentation slide titles or from manually typed lists.

Choose your Style

Choose the look of your agenda from several attractive and unique Style options.

Make it Your Own

Customize your agenda with selectable settings for fonts, colors, alignment and more.

Smart Sectioning

Track your presentation progress with formatted agenda section headers.

Easiest Agenda Ever

Avopress Agenda automatically generates perfectly formatted agenda slides from a variety of different sources. First, you can choose either section headers or selected slides, and Avopress Agenda will read the titles and subtitles from these slides and build your agenda accordingly. Additionally you can type in a list of titles and subtitles to use for your agenda slides. Either way your agenda is built instantly and can be updated to reflect any changes with just one click.

Choose Your Style

One Size doesn't have to fit all

Avopress Agenda includes several different designs for your to choose your agenda slide style from. Lists, grids, vertical horizontal, shapes, lines and so much more. Choose to keep it classic with a numbered list or opt for more trendy look with shapes and outlines. Every agenda style is rendered in colors and fonts that match your presentation theme whether it was created in Avopress Designer or built in to PowerPoint.

Make it Your Own

Customize and tweak to perfection

Options for styling your agenda slides only begin with the extensive range of agenda styles. They continue with settings to individually format each element of your agenda items with separate settings for fonts, colors, alignment of each element.

You can also chose to build your agenda slide using your own custom slide layout. Avopress Brand Server users can opt for the ultimate customization by using their own agenda item template, as well as choosing to hide and disable the other customization controls to ensure a consistent standard agenda is always used.

Smart Sectioning

Avopress Agenda's agenda sections feature allows you to Insert section headers that list all of your agenda items and highlight the current in a different format of your choosing. This is a very nice addition to a PowerPoint presentation that would take ages to create , especially keeping up with updates and changes. Avopress Agenda creates them instantly and automatically, and keeps them up to date and in order no matter what changes are made to the agenda items list.

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Works with Microsoft Office 2010 and 2013.
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