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1.3 We’re happy to announce the release of Avopress Connector version 1.3. This release includes several improvements to Table Linking and additional interface options. Updates include:

Annoucing Avopress Designer, a first of it's kind, professional grade tool for creating custom Office Theme Effects, SmartArt and table designs, to help you create beautiful documents and presentations.

Big-2.0We are excited to announce that version RC1 of Avopress Brand Server 2.0 is now available for immediate download for customers and Beta Program participants.

We are pleased to announce that Brand Server 1.3 has completed Beta testing and is now available for immediate download from the customer account page.

Version 1.3 adds the incredible new feature of automatic installation of VBA add-ins directly to Word, Excel and PowerPoint. This new functionality will come to save hours of work for administrators and sets Avopress apart from the pack as a true centralized management system for the Office Desktop.

We are happy to announce our first product, Avopress Connector. Avopress Connector is a set of add-ins for Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint that will increase your productivity and significantly enhance your data security. At the core of Connector is a unique linking and embedding engine that gives you the ability to directly edit your linked data as needed, without needing access to the source data. Maintain data links in your presentations, reports and pitchbooks, while keeping your source data secure, only embedding the data necessary to create the linked chart, graph or table.

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