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A single, centralized location to manage, update and distribute all of your corporate standard templates, document elements, and add-ins. Control every aspect of your Office user environment from a single web interface.

Avopress Brand Server

Avopress Brand ServerTM

Consistency and control

Standard document templates, slides, images, text, chart formats and more, all in one centralized, managed location.

Quick and easy access

Push approved, up-to-date, slides, images, and text directly to the Office application interface, synchronized for offline use.

Harmonize your environment

Custom ribbons, themes, fonts and other Office application settings automatically deployed and synchronized.

Automatic automation

Take your productivity to the next level with seamless deployment and updating of VBA and VSTO Add-ins

Do it yourself

The easy and intuitive web interface lets decision makers directly manage and update document content without IT intervention.

Consistency and control

Upload, manage, update and deploy all in one place.

Consistency in style, format and content quality is one of the most crucial areas of concern in organizations serious about maintaining a strong brand identity, and one of the most difficult results to achieve. Standardized templates, themes and reusable content are at the core of the solution, but can be difficult to deploy and maintain past an initial roll-out phase.

Avopress Brand Server gives you an unmatched level of control over your corporate communications by keeping all of your standard document content and brand assets in a single, centralized repository, where it can be managed, kept up to date, and deployed automatically for immediate use within the Office application.

Quick and easy access

Compliant content just a few clicks away.

Document management systems and shared folders are solutions for managing and filing documents, and are not suited for managing the elements (chart and table layouts, approved images, boilerplate and pre-written text) used to rapidly create documents. Hunting through endless levels of shared folders to find one slide or format is disruptive to the workflow, and often leads to standards being ignored altogether.

Avopress Brand Server puts all of your branded document content in the easiest and most accessible place possible – directly in the Office application interface. Deep integration with Office and built-in search make creating brand-compliant documents faster and easier than creating anything else.

Any number content libraries can be synchronized and made available offline, so mobile users always have access to their assigned libraries when away from the office.

Harmonize your enviroment

Consistent across the board.

Corporate branding standards are universal at one level, but different departments and groups often need access to document elements specific to their function. Avopress Brand Server makes delivering the right content to the right people easy for the administrator and invisible to the user. Simply create any number of libraries for your document elements, create the appropriate user groups, and assign any group to any library. When the library content or group memberships are changed or updated, the approved content for that group is available immediately each user's Office application with no reboot or logging off required.

In addition to document content, you can also use this process to manage the most important Office configuration settings. Deploy custom Ribbon Configurations, Document Styles, Document Building Blocks, custom Spell Check Dictionaries, and more – all installed and kept up to date automatically.

Automatic automation

Deploy Office Add-ins seamlessly and securely

Along with standard templates, formats, and reusable content, true Rapid Document Creation usually involves document automation functionality provided by one or more macros or custom add-ins.

Deploying and maintaining custom Office solutions can be a complex process, often with hit-or-miss results. Avopress Brand Server revolutionizes release management for custom Office solutions with an automated deployment mechanism that seamlessly installs, uninstalls or updates VBA and VSTO add-ins to server-specified users and groups.

Users don't need to reboot, log off or even close their Office application to receive new application functionality. Imagine working away on a document and having new application features appear in your ribbon interface. This level of power and flexibility puts Avopress Brand Server above the entire class of presentation management software, where it shines as a true business management tool.

Do it yourself

Control in your hands, immediately.

One of the issues that organizations often face with keeping document and presentation content up to date is the necessary involvement of IT staff in the process. IT System Administrators having to modify organizational units, write scripts, and tinker with batch files can be time consuming and take resources away from other support and administration tasks.

Avopress Brand Server's easy to use Silverlight-based web interface allows approved users to upload and update templates and document elements themselves, avoiding any possible delays that could come from involving IT support.

The user experience is designed so that it can be used by anyone, and those users responsible for defining and maintaining visual brand identity can take immediately take full control of the document creation process themselves.

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