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A powerful set of add-ins for Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint that will supercharge your productivity with automated formatting, dynamic linking and updating, streamlined image processing and more.

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Avopress Connector

Avopress ConnectorTM

Visualized, Synchronized

Effortlessly import charts and tables from Excel to Word and PowerPoint, dynamically linked to source data.

Up to Date updates

Manage linked chart and table data with up to the minute source information.

Beautify on the fly

Easily insert images into your documents from any location directly from the Office interface.

Power and flexibility

Maintain editability of documents with linked charts and tables on any Office installation.

Visualized, Synchronized

Easier, faster, and better.

Data visualized in charts, tables, and graphs are a key component to most Office documents. Data heavy presentations and publications such as pitch books and financial reports especially rely on Excel spreadsheets as the source for charts and tables. Going far beyond the capabilities of standard copy-and-paste, Avopress Connector provides you with a powerful linking and embedding engine and a rich and intuitive interface that will streamline your workflow and boost your productivity. Easily export from Excel, or import from Word and PowerPoint without even leaving your document window.

Up to date updates

Know what, where, and when.

Source data for publications can change at any time. Avopress Connector's intuitive Link Manager interface gives you one-click visibility of all linked data elements in your document. Instead of an alert to update blindly, immediately know the data source availability, location, and date and time of the last modification. With this centralized view of all of your documents links, you can choose to update charts or tables indiviually or all at once. Find and open the source document with one click, and even change the data range while maintaining custom layouts and formatting.

Beautify on the fly

Instant access to your images.

Quality images and pictures are key to creating outstanding presentations. Avopress Connector allows you to turn your image directories into easy-to-access image libraries, ready for use directly in the Office interface. No more searching through dozens of folders to find the right image, the image library interface includes a handy search function, allowing you to immediately find exactly what you are looking for. Image libraries can also be set to networked locations, giving your entire team access to a consistent set of logos, stock images, or any other type of image file that they may need.

Power and flexibility

Enjoy convenience while maintaining control.

Traditionally, one of the drawbacks of linking presentations to spreadsheet data has been the inability to edit linked charts and tables without access to the spreadsheet. The best alternative, embedding the source spreadsheet into the document, creates a host of other problems with file size, information security, and loss of update capability. The robust linking and embedding engine in Avopress Connector solves all of these issues by creating a small, dynamically linked, worksheet for each linked chart and table. This allows documents to be edited offline from any Office installation while still maintaining links to the source for later synchronization.

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Works with Microsoft Office 2007, 2010 and 2013.
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