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Take document branding to the next level. Create Office Themes, PowerPoint Templates, Letterheads and more, all with comfort and ease in a powerful, yet simple interface with intuitive controls and ‘What You See Is What You Get’ previews.

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Avopress Designer

Avopress DesignerTM

From Idea to Indentity

Present yourself in style, Create premium Presentation Templates, Document Themes, and more.

Built with Design in Mind

Perfect your Document Identity in an intuitive, design focused application environment.

Format Friendly

Go straight to the source and import logos and background images directly into your templates and themes in native format.

Width and Depth

Dig deep into hard to find settings to get the exact look you want for your documents and presentations.

Packaged and Ready to Go

Save and export your theme in all available formats. Packages all the files you need for easy distribution.

From Idea to Identity


Document Identity. Your corporate brand identity as presented in your documents, communications and presentations, is the most visible and tangible component of your organization's public and professional image. Well designed, professional documents with the appropriate use of colors, logos, fonts, and identifying graphics are crucial for any business where image and first impressions matter.

Here at Avopress, we've always recognized the importance of quality design, but also the fact that actually producing the assets can be a time-consuming and cumbersome process.

Now, Avopress Designer simplifies and extends the design functionality of Microsoft Office, allowing you to create fully flexible Office Themes, advanced PowerPoint presentation templates, and beautifully formatted letter and document layouts in a straightforward "What You See Is What You Get" interface.

Built With Design in Mind

Comfort In Familiar Surroundings

Avopress Designer was created not only to simplify the document branding process, but also to facilitate true professional quality design as applied to dynamic document content. This mission is reflected in the Avopress Designer interface, which has been constructed to be familiar and intuitive for users of high-end design and development applications. All controls and inputs have been placed in convenient ‘toolbox’ areas giving you full and constant visibility of your document designs as you bring them closer and closer to Masterpiece.

Format Friendly

Import All Sorts

Professionally designed graphics and logos are invariably present in organizations serious about building a strong brand identity. With the powerful branding capabilities exposed in Avopress Designer, users may also choose to adapt design elements from print publications for use with electronic documents and slide shows.

Avopress Designer accommodates these requirement by handling over 10 graphics formats including the PSD, EPS and AI (PDF Compatible) formats popular with professional designers and branding agencies. Some formats even support importing images layer by layer. Import the images you need straight from the source and embed them in templates and themes. Quick and easy. Done and done.

Width and Depth

Precision Control

Avopress Designer let’s advanced users dig deep into hard to reach design and format configuration settings to get the exact look you want, differentiating design factor. Want custom tables in PowerPoint? Have them looking exactly how you want them in just a few minutes.

  • Office Themes (OOXML .thmx)
  • Theme Effects (OOXML .eftx)
  • Reusable Text Effects
  • Custom PowerPoint Tables
  • Custom Bullets and Numbering
  • Letterhead Deisgn and Layout

Packed and Ready to Go

Deployment ready Branding

Once your design is complete, Avopress Designer will package together all of your templates, themes, fonts, and images into a easily transportable zip archive. Have all of your document brand assets in a single place, ready to distribute for immediate use.

For the ultimate level of control, continuity, and visibility, upload your designs directly to Avopress Brand Server. Assign specific templates and themes to different sets of users, and gain the ability to change or update templates and document content at any time, with all changes automatically synchronized to all users.

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Seamless Integration

Integrates with other products in the Avopress line

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Works with Microsoft Office 2010 and 2013.
Office 2007 Office 2010

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